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Chavoshi Trading Company was established in 2010 for international trade

The company operates in various fields, including the export of various building stones, such as crystal,onyx,marble, granite, and travertine. It should be noted that one of the features of this company is the preparation of the mentioned stones’ samples in different dimensions and numbers, with the best quality in the world class, and in completely principled and safe packaging.

Preparation in different dimensions and circulation


High precision loading


The best quality in world class


Satisfaction and reassurance of the purchase


Why Chavoshi Trading Company should be your choice

  • Leading in the construction industry
  • sales advisor
  • Quality products
  • Fast delivery

  • Get orders fast
  • Quality guarantor
  • Satisfaction and reassurance of the purchase

  • Discounts – Special sales conditions

  • Product quality

  • Price guarantor

Due to encompassing the major part of building stone mines, Isfahan province is known as the center of Iran’s stone industry. This province has the greatest number of stone processing factories with the most up-to-date stone processing machines.
Chavoshi Trading Company is located in the center of this province and is active. This has caused Chavoshi Trading Company to be able to supply great amount of stones with the highest quality and best price, because this aim has been achieved as the result of the availability of factories.

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