As a trading company in Iran, we claim that we have the ability to supply stone with the highest quality and best price.

Your reasons for choosing Chavoshi business

Due to encompassing the major part of building stone mines, Isfahan province is known as the center of Iran’s stone industry. This province has the greatest number of stone processing factories with the most up-to-date stone processing machines.

Chavoshi Trading Company is located in the center of this province and is active. This has caused Chavoshi Trading Company to be able to supply great amount of stones with the highest quality and best price, because this aim has been achieved as the result of the availability of factories.

Chavoshi Trading Company has the ability to supply 300,000 square meters of stone per month in slab tile sizes and in any other size ordered by the customer from the models loaded in the products section of the site. This area is provided in completely principled and safe packages.

Due to having personal trailers to transport its cargo from the warehouse to the border, Chavoshi Trading Company provides the shortest possible time for cargo delivery.

Chavoshi Trading Company has also the ability to provide the best price for its customers as the result of its high transactions with the stone factories.