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Marble is classified as a metamorphic stone; In this way, over time and under pressure and heat, the texture and structure of limestone changed, crystallized again and formed a large, rough and veined calcite. Marble is a type of metamorphic rock based on calcium carbonate, which It is composed of calcite, dolomite and crystals. This stone has waves with different designs and often in various and beautiful colors.

The difference between the appearance of marble and travertine is that unlike travertine, there is no pore on the back surface of marble, but it is seen as veins in it.
Despite its resistance to moisture, if exposed to long-term exposure, this stone will change and erode. Marble is weaker than granite and harder than travertine. There is a possibility of scratches on the surface of the marble. This stone is vulnerable to acid, despite its stability against moisture, it will erode if it is exposed to moisture for a long time. According to the mentioned cases, using this type of stone in areas and spaces that are constantly exposed to moisture is not recommended except with the maintenance and optimal physical condition of the stone.
Marble is weak against natural factors such as rain, cold and heat and weathering. Therefore, this type of stone can be corroded if used in places that are exposed to contraction and expansion.

In general, marble is not a very good choice for outdoor spaces unless it has a large thickness that can prevent water penetration and corrosion of the stone and also delay deep cracks or the surface is not corroded. This stone is the most ideal choice for use in interior architecture, especially flooring.

This stone is available in light and white to dark colors due to the presence of impurities such as red, cream, brown, pink, black, mustard, green and so on. Marble stones are cut in the mine by cutting wire.

One of the brand’s stones in the marble family is Terry Di-Black. This stone is generally processed in the form of slabs, has a black background with irregular white, gold or terracotta (brick) colored veins, which combine with this black background and colored veins to create a three-dimensional effect on the stone, from which the name Triodiblock derives from this feature.
Marble is one of the export stones due to its flexibility in polishing, shine and luster, as well as its high strength. TridiBlack is a unique, beautiful and luxurious choice that has been welcomed by most interior designers with a modern look. The arrangement of marble slabs in the form of bookmatch, formch and even asymmetrical and irregular combination of this type of stone is used in the interiors of towers and residential and commercial complexes such as lobby walls and walls, elevator frames, floors and parking walls.