Black white granite

Nehbandan Granite

Nehbandan white and black granite

Natanz Granite

Natanz white and black granite

Black white granite

Among the mentioned stones, Nehbandan white granite (cotton flower granite) has a larger grain size and its black grains are more than others. This has increased the strength of this stone. But on the other hand, it has made processing more difficult and has caused the price of Nehbandan white granite to rise. This stone is extracted in two varieties. One tends to be orange cream and the other tends to be gray whose orange cream has better durability. Next to Nehbandan, there is a hard competitor such as Natanz white granite, which has a finer granulation and is known as pepper granite due to the presence of brownish-black grains. In Natanz region, in addition to white granite, black granite is also extracted, which has a very high quality and this durable and strong stone is often used to combine with light colors.