Royal Black marble with a very dark black background with beautiful white patterns, has an eye-catching effect that stands out among all other types of black. Many black stones usually have white and gold veins with each other, but Royal Black marble has no gold or brown veins in any part. In addition, the white motifs of this stone are not linear. Occasionally there are holes in the dark surface called chains.

The chains are not removed during the polishing process. This stone is free of chains and is very desirable for production. It is also valuable for the production of slabs or polished tiles.

Application of Royal Black Marble

Definitely Royal Black Marble It is one of the best black and white stones that can be at the top of the list in a short time. Black marble is mainly used in construction projects. However, bath and shower tables are other places to use black marble. Stoneis a very suitable feature for modern construction projects

Persian Rose Marble

Among the advantages of using Royal Black Marble are:
1. Resistance to fire and heat
2. Unparalleled beauty
3. Ultra high polishability
4. Natural texture
5. Variety and richness of colors
6. Longevity
7. Very high strength and resistance to any possible damage such as impact and scratches
8. Insignificant water absorption

Uranus Stone Industries, using the latest and most advanced technologies of European machines, is able to supply stone products such as slabs, tiles and stairs. It has its own and exclusive mines, which it exports exclusively to some countries, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, China, Greece, and so on.