Porcelain stone is one of the most widely used construction tools in the construction industry. is. In the following, we want to get acquainted with the three important uses of this stone in buildings

The use of porcelain stone in bathrooms and toilets

Naturally, the stone that you choose for this part of the bathroom and toilet of the building must have a high resistance against the penetration of moisture and humidity, because in these places, water is used constantly and it is possible for moisture and moisture to reach the layer under the stone. In addition, the building stone used in bathrooms and toilets is exposed to chemicals and detergents and must be cleaned, so in addition to not absorbing moisture, the stone must have the necessary strength against corrosive, acidic and alkaline substances. The stone purchased for this part of the building should have low water absorption. There are various waterproof materials for floor and wall coverings in the market, but for those who are looking for a great, high-strength coating for their bathroom, porcelain is the best choice.

Application of porcelain stone in the parking lot floor

Porcelain stone is one of the hard and dense stones and is used as a durable building material for use in the parking lot of the building. For the paving of the parking lot floor, stones should be used that have shown high resistance against high traffic as well as humidity, which can be introduced as one of the best options in this case: Libid crystal stone: Porcelain stone due to its dense texture and lack of porosity has made it resistant to contamination and the pavement of the parking lot will be easily cleaned.

Application of porcelain stone in building facade

The use of porcelain stone for the facade and exterior of the building is completely technical and correct. Porcelain stone in terms of water absorption and slurry adhesion between granite and travertine. Neither travertine absorbs slurry nor as non-stick granite. In Iran, the use of this stone for facades has long been common.

If you pay attention, porcelain stone is the main facade of many old buildings, especially in the tropics. Because its light color prevents the facade from absorbing much heat and the building is protected from high heat. Depth is on average good and remarkable.

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