How to clean the stone and ceramics of your house?

When properly made of stone And keep the ceramics in your home, save the cost you incur and keep the look of your decoration like the first day. By doing this, your home space will always look beautiful and stunning. A proper maintenance method requires you to use quality methods and products that are appropriate for each department and level. In this article, we will introduce you to how to clean several types of stones.

It is very difficult to clean stone floors and wall coverings due to the bumps and unevenness of the stone. Fornatural stonessuch as slabs in the counter and floor, it is recommended to use penetrating putties once every two years to prevent deep stains. Clean stone tiles with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and warm water with a soft cleaning tool such as a sponge or soft cloth. For hard stains and soap residues, clean with half a cup of ammonia dissolved in a gallon of water.

Warning: Do not use abrasive, vinegar and fruit cleaners, vinegar is acidic and eliminates stone polish

Our advice is not to use vinegar for your stone surfaces, because it is acidic and will destroy the stone finish over time. Natural stones such as graniteneed putty after installation, so ask experts in the field about suitable cleaners for these surfaces. An expert in the field of ceramic tiles says: After plastering, cleaning with warm water daily is sufficient for these stone surfaces. For stains and dirt, use stone cleaners with the right pH and water. Be sure to read the instructions for use before using for the correct dilution ratio.

Warning: Avoid acidic detergents and bleaches for these stonesurfaces.