Travertineis one of the calcareous rocks that have fine crystalline textures that have a hive-like layer structure in all layers and have a porous effect. These rocks are made from sediments left over from the mineral waters of caves, seabed sediments and rivers, or from hot springs. Travertine They are usually found in relatively large areas and the layers are usually horizontal. They are on the market and because of the holes in them, their ability to repel contraction and expansion is very high.

This type of stoneis often used in interior and exterior facades and has many applications in paving.

Advantages of travertine

High color variation
The strength of this stone is very good
It has very few seams and gaps
It has excellent cutting and polishing
The extraction conditions of this stone are suitable
Its beauty is special and unique
Due to its easier porosity, it adheres to the mortar and has a better installation

Types of travertine available in the Iranian market

Hajiabad travertine: Hajiabad travertine is relatively heavier and more durable than other types of travertine stones and a cover is used to install it on a high facade. This stone has a great variety of colors and its colors start from dark brown and reach light and white. The whiter and brighter the stone, the more popular it becomes with its consumers. For this reason, Hajiabad light stone has a higher price than its dark colors. This stone has two types of designs, small and large, and its designs are selected according to the tastes of builders and designers. It is interesting to know that Hajiabad travertine stones are also called bone stones. The material of this stone is such that it is resistant to possible pressures, hard blows, connection to the facade as well as transportation and has a very good polishability.

Abbas Abad travertine stone:

It is one of the most famous types in Iran. This stone is present in Abbasabad mines in Mahallat city of Isfahan and is used for building facades. Because it has high beauty, good polishing and a lot of resistance Abbas Abad waveless stone is another example that is used in all facades. This stone shows good resistance to environmental changes such as freezing and humidity, and because of its light weight and reasonable price, it is very popular in the market. This stone is produced in two colors, cream and white.